Training and Mentorship Program

A Unique mix of Online Learning and On-Site Experience.

The journey begins online, where you will have access to high-quality courses on online platforms. 

Study from world-renowned instructors at your own pace, embracing the asynchronous philosophy that allows for flexible, self-driven education.


While sharpening your skills online, continue on-site learning, where our colleagues take the wheel. From week one, engage in hands-on, real-world projects, using your online learning in actual situations. 

This program is designed to connect classroom theory with real-world practice, providing you first-hand experience in a helpful setting.


What sets this program apart is our commitment to not just educate, but also support you financially during your learning journey. 

You will receive compensation for your expenses, ensuring that you can focus on learning and growing without the stress of finances.


Join our global team of over 100 colleagues based in Tirana, Prishtina, and New York. Connect, work, and learn from people with diverse backgrounds and cultures, and immerse yourself in our working culture.



Training and Mentorship Program is an extensive 5-month journey, designed to offer a unique mix of online and on-site learning experiences.

Our program is designed to develop top talents, aiming to enhance their career and excel at our company, while engaging them in technology and professional growth.

Program Roadmap

Step 1: Candidates submit the application form | Jan 17 – Feb 3

Step 2: Accepted candidates enter the 1st phase evaluation | Feb 6 – 18:00 (Online)

Step 3: Successful candidates participate in the 2nd phase evaluation | Feb 10 – 11:00 (at our Office)

Step 4: Selected candidates participate in the final  interview | Feb 13 – Feb 19 (at our Office)


Soft Skills Development

Training to enhance your teamwork and communication skills, learn techniques for continuous self-improvement, be able to solve complex problems, and gain skills in agile project management.

Technical Skills Development

Gain a solid foundation in programming, understand key software engineering concepts, develop skills in both backend and frontend programming as well as UI development, explore AI and machine learning, and learn how to implement solutions in DevOps

Graduate with certifications in software development, project management, and healthcare from most prominent tutors and renown global institutions. Celebrate with a ceremony and certificate distribution.


Sccessful graduates will join our team of 100+ colleagues as full-time employees!


Submit your application by February 3, 2024


Selection Criteria:

~ Participants must be 16 to 22 years old!
~ Passion for technology, math and science.
~ Ability to articulate on writing.
~ Quick learner and good teamwork skills.


Commitment Required:

If chosen, you will be expected to dedicate approximately 15 hours per week to the program. The program is designed to balance your learning experience and your other commitments.


Kick-start your career!

Frequently Asked Questions

Apply by February 3, 2024!

If accepted, you will enter the 1st phase evaluation | Feb 6 – 18:00 (Online)

Successful candidates will participate in the 2nd phase evaluation | Feb 10 – 11:00 (at our Office)

Selected candidates be invited for the final  interview | Feb 13 – Feb 19 (at our Office)

It starts in early March 2024.

We’re selecting up to 10 individuals.

Students aged 16 to 22 with a love for tech, math, and science. We’re looking for those who enjoy writing, are good at problem-solving, think analytically, and can work well in teams.

Yes, successful trainees will join our team after the program.

Absolutely, it’s essential. The program includes following online courses in English and using English for daily communication tools.

Expect around 15 hours per week, including both online lessons, exercises, and on-site training and work.

We select based on your application and interviews.

You’ll earn certifications in software development, project management, and healthcare from us and our online certified programs.

It’s free to participate.

Yes, you’ll receive a stipend to cover daily expenses during the program. It’s not a salary but support for you to focus on the program.

The training will be both online and in our offices, with about two-thirds online and one-third on-site in our offices in Prishtina.


About 91.Life

 91Life aspires to advance the transformation into digital health by combining state-of-the-art software technology with modern mathematical models of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
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About Matrics

We couple our deep expertise in markets and technology to create cloud-native, Blockchain-driven, highly scalable software systems. Matrics applies deep learning and Artificial Intelligence to optimize the investment management process. 

 We provide a complete, cost-effective Portfolio & Risk Management Platform across all asset classes, products, and functions. Multi-channel, interactive UI designed with modern UX methodologies and HTML5 framework.